Management Team

Our management team have been meticulously selected for their individual skills, talent, qualifications and experience. Our staff includes project managers, creative graphic designers, front and back end web developers, web analysts and search engine optimization experts.

James Jackson

Marketing Director and Co-Founder

[email protected] is known for his big dreams, big ideas, and even bigger heart. James built South Bay while still in university for his Bachelor’s degree. He has watched what was once an idea in his head come to life and flourish into a successful and cutting edge marketing agency. As the Marketing Director, Jimmy meets with our clients and helps them determine what they need and how South Bay can help them achieve their full potential. Jimmy is the kind of person who knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it, he met his wife when he was 5 years old and now spends his time raising a beautiful family with her.

Lori Roberts

Creative Director

Lori is our design guru. She is capable of understanding exactly what your company needs and how to effectively reach your target audience. Her designs are fresh, innovative, and striking in all the right ways. In her position as Creative Director, Lori can pass on her knowledge of design strategy and audience analysis to the young designers of tomorrow. Lori is always looking for new ways to improve the field of design and offer our clients an ever expanding array of content-based services. Lori understands patience, hope, and how to keep on believing when everything seems lost in our clients previous designs. She shows them possibilities they never could have imagined.

Todd Plummer

Senior Designer

Todd is our Senior Designer. He is one of the original South Bay designers and enjoys the variety that comes with his particular position. Todd’s experience in the field of design allows him to be flexible in style and interdisciplinary in format. Whatever you need Todd’s got the right tool belt to help you achieve the look and feel that you want from your media from web, 3D, AR, VR, photography, industrial design, wood working, print, and other more traditional mediums. What’s Todd’s secret? He actually is a Triple Agent (shh…. don’t tell anyone).

Diana Slater


Diana is one of our terrific programmers. She comes well qualified and joined the South Bay team in 2017. Diana enjoys bright, bold designs with streamlined programming for easy navigation and enjoyment for anyone who stumbles upon your site. Her specialties are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but she also works in various CMS forms – no matter what you might need Diana can make it happen. When she isn’t coding, you can find Diana with some popcorn on the couch watching TV, currently she enjoys laughing along to Young Sheldon and being inspired by the crazy ideas of those on Shark Tank.

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